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Experience the convenience and ease of online learning! San Jac's online courses and programs allow students to complete their degree or certificate anywhere in Texas. Embark on your online journey today!

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From 100% online to hybrid learning, discover which of our class formats is right for you. 

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Online Courses and Programs

We offer online courses and programs to students who reside in the state of Texas. We have 26 associate degrees and 34 certificates 100% online. Take a look at the online programs San Jac offers.

Discover how to crunch numbers like a pro and audit your own personal finances with ease.

Business Management
Learn how to lead a pack, make strategic decisions, and climb the ladder of success.

Business Office Systems and Support
Become the ultimate office superhero by learning how to streamline processes, juggle tasks, and learn the tools to master efficiency and organization.

Learn how to turn your dreams into a reality by unleashing your inner innovator and taking calculated risks.

Real Estate
This course will open the door to a world of property possibilities and teach you how to navigate the world of property investment.

Construction Management Technology
Lay the groundwork for a career by learning how to combine your passion for construction with cutting-edge technology.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management 
Open up a world of possibilities by learning how to navigate the intricate network of transportation, distribution, and communication.

Cancer Data Management
Learning about cancer data management means taking a step towards becoming a data superhero, fighting cancer one spreadsheet at a time.

Health Information Technology
Learn how to revolutionize the healthcare industry by leveraging the power of technology to improve patient outcomes.

Medical Billing
Discover how to process payments and navigate the complex world of healthcare finance. 

Medical Coding
Find out how to translate diagnoses into codes and learn skills to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. 

Mental Health and Addiction Studies
Become a mental health champion and compassion ally by fighting the stigma and promoting mental wellness in our communities. 

Application / Programming
Learn how to turn ideas into digital reality and help shape the future of technology.

Computer Science
Learn how to solve complex problems and unlock the full potential of technology.

Desktop Support & Network Administration
Master the essential skills to keep the digital world running smoothly.

Discover how to stay ahead of hackers and keep your digital life secure in this constantly evolving world of technology.

Equip yourself with the tools to solve problems and increase your intellectual strength.

Child Development / Early Childhood Studies
Studying child development/ early childhood studies provides you with the knowledge and skills to shape the young minds of tomorrow.

Learn the tools that will help you ignite the minds of the next generations and become the master of the classroom.

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