Process Technology Students

Process Technology

Certificate Technical Degree

If you have a technical mind, you’re in luck. Houston is home to the largest petrochemical and refining complex in the nation! As a skilled process technician, you will always be in demand. Train in our industry-designed labs and be one of the many students hired directly from our program. 

Program at a Glance

Career Opportunities

Process Technology program graduates can find employment in: 

  • Chemical plants
  • Refineries
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Canneries
  • Pharmaceutical plants
  • Paper mills
  • Terminals
  • Pipelines
  • Fuel storage depots

Earning Potential

Chemical Plant and System Operators: $101,005

For more salary information, check out Texas Wages.



Chemical Technician, Enhanced Skills Certificate

This certificate will help you advance your career. It is available to students who have already completed the AAS degree, and who have earned qualifications to be in the Chemical Lab Technician Specialty degree program.
Length 4 Months
If you're studying full-time, you can complete the 12 credits for this certificate in one term.

Process Technology, AAS

Technical Degree
The Associate of Applied Science degree prepares you for an entry-level career. Learn to read piping and instrumentation diagrams (P
Length 2 Years
If you're studying full-time, you can complete the 60 credits for this program in five terms, including a summer term.

Process Technology, Level 2 Certificate

The Level 2 Certificate prepares you for the degree program, an entry-level career, or advancement in your current career. Accepted by most of the industry, the Level 2 Certificate will prepare you to become a plant operator responsible for equipment, the hazards of the chemicals, and the chemistry and physics involved in process technology.
Length 1.5 Years
If you're studying full-time, you can complete the 44 credits for this certificate in four terms, including a summer term.
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Industry Support and Program Accreditation


Texas Skill Standard Board

San Jacinto’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Process Technology is recognized by the Texas Skill Standard Board (TSSB). Students will earn the Texas Skill Standards recognized program seal affixed to their AAS credential.

North American Process Technology Alliance

Students graduating from the program are endorsed by the North American Process Technology  Alliance (NAPTA). San Jacinto College works closely with industry as a member of the North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) to maintain a curriculum reflecting current technology standards.


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Professor G.C. Shah
When I visit plants, I often run into supervisors, shift leaders, and operators who were once my students. This makes me extremely happy and so proud to be a part of their success story.”
G.C. Shah
Process Technology Professor
Process technology professor G.C. Shah has been teaching at San Jacinto College since 1992. Among his most significant accomplishments? Seeing his students strive through hard work and dedication, to succeed.

Shah’s story spans a long career in the petrochemical field. He holds several master’s degrees which include - chemical engineering, process control, along with instrumentation. Throughout his career, he has worked in many areas across the industry, including refining, and served as a consultant on instrumentation, fire protection, and environmental health and safety.

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