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Studying speech means amplifying your voice. In a world where communications can often be overwhelming and attention is scarce, you’ll study everything that goes into creating a message that lands. 

Program at a Glance

Earning Potential

Advertising Associate: $53,526
Public Relations Specialist: $58,497
Lobbyist: $62,180
Human Resources Specialist: $63,581
Human Resources Manager: $127,569

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Career Opportunities

A degree in communications from San Jac can lead to careers in:

  • Human Resources
  • Government / Politics
  • Public Relations
  • Education
  • Media
  • Social Services
  • Advertising


Communications, AA - Speech

This Associate of Arts degree prepares you to transfer to a 4-year college or university.
Length 2 Years
If you're studying full-time, you can complete the 60 credits for this program in four terms.
Speech Debate Team

Undebatable Success

San Jac’s Speech and Debate Team
Hone your persuasive speech skills by joining the San Jac Speech and Debate Team. Compete against universities nationwide and earn medals for yourself and your team. In the past, we have brought home silver and bronze awards. Help us get the gold!

Speaking with Confidence

Samantha Nava
Most people don’t want to even try speech and debate because they are scared of the public speaking aspect. That eventually goes away, and you’re left with overall better communicating skills and confidence.”
Samantha Nava
San Jac debate team member, and silver medalist Phi Rho Pi National Forensic Organization National Tournament
When Samantha Nava entered the world of debate, she was terrified to speak in front of others. She performed her first debates with a “fake it ‘till you make it” attitude. But through hard work, practice, and the mentorship of others, she found her voice and confidence.

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