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Police Department Hiring

Our officers at San Jacinto College are dedicated to providing a safe environment for our community. We strive to hire the most qualified individuals with integrity and a desire for sense of community. Our in-depth application process focuses on selecting officers who possess the physical and mental skills needed to succeed in our profession.

Meet Your Chief

Sabrina Naulings
I also hope to promote the San Jacinto College Police Department as a competitive workplace that attracts and retains quality personnel, and I will work to ensure that current employees have the training and resources needed to effectively perform their duties.”
Sabrina Naulings
San Jacinto College Chief of Police
Sabrina Naulings has served on the San Jac police force since 2018 and has more than 25 years of experience. She was named Chief of Police in 2022. She has been described as a “transformational leader” and is not only committed to the wellbeing of students, but also the safety and support of her fellow officers.
San Jac Police Officer

Serving with a Mission

The San Jac Police Department serves students and staff on all five campuses. They follow principles like integrity, justice, service, and trust. Being a part of the department means being a part of the College’s mission and community.

Hiring Process Simplified

The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) establishes minimum selection standards for law enforcement officers. However, each state and agency may differ. This is a summary of the steps you are likely to see in our hiring process.
  1. Application and Pre-Screening Questionnaire

    This first step gives you an opportunity to share with us your interest in the position and your experience.

  2. Panel Interview

    The panel interview gives our hiring team an opportunity to meet you and discuss your qualifications to determine your fit. Once you complete this process, you may be selected to complete a Personal History Statement.

  3. Background Investigation

    During the background investigation, we check your criminal history, driving records, fingerprints, and social media accounts. The investigator will speak to people close to you. This may include previous employers, military personnel, neighbors, and family members.

  4. Panel Assessment

    This gives our team an opportunity to evaluate your communication skills, reactions in job related scenarios, responses to questions, and understanding of your interest in the law enforcement profession.

  5. Psychological Evaluation

    This process evaluates your character and emotional stability to determine your ability to handle the duties of law enforcement.

  6. Medical Examination

    The medical examination evaluates physical ability to determine your ability to meet the physical requirements of a law enforcement career. A licensed professional will record  your height, weight, vision, hearing, and blood pressure. You will also be screened for illegal drugs usage.

  7. Firearms Qualification

    Prospective peace officers will be required to shoot a minimum of 50 rounds, fired at ranges from point-blank to at least 15 yards. At least 20 of these rounds will be fired at or beyond 7 yards. The minimum passing score is 70% percent and includes 1 timed reload.

Special Applications

Qualifications differ for some positions within the Police Department.

Sergeant and Above

Individuals interested in applying for leadership positions at the level of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and/or Chief of Police will follow the assessment panel process mentioned above.


If you are applying for a dispatcher/telecommunicator job, you will follow the process above, except for the firearm mandate.

Contact Us

For questions about the hiring process, please contact us at 281-476-1820 or email us at Police@sjcd.edu.