Williams selected as region 24 representative for NJCAA student-athlete council

Feb 1, 2021Melissa Trevizo

San Jacinto College student-athlete Jordan Williams has been selected to sit on the inaugural National Junior College Athletic Association Student-Athlete Council.

The council provides student-athletes with tools for involvement in the association and aims to provide student-athletes from all 24 NJCAA regions the opportunity to engage and grow while attending their two-year institution, at a national level.

"Jordan is a young man who is very personable and outgoing," said Tom Arrington, San Jacinto College baseball coach. "I nominated Jordan for this position because he has proven to demonstrate professionalism, sportsmanship, and determination, while also displaying values of loyalty, integrity, and selfless devotion."

Williams, originally from Odessa, Fla., majors in computer science and is enrolled in the honors program at San Jacinto College.

Members of the Student-Athlete Council represent a wide range of community college sports, including volleyball, bowling, softball, golf, track and field, soccer, and basketball. Williams, an outfielder for the San Jac Gators baseball team, attended his first council meeting in November 2020 via Zoom.

"At our first meeting, it was made clear that the NJCAA is interested in an open line of communication with all of the student-athletes," Williams said. "We discussed mental health issues and any thoughts we had about the lives of student-athletes.

The first meeting discussed the overall goals of the council, an overview of the NJCAA governance structure, the impact of the Student-Athlete Council, the NJCAA Student-Athlete Welfare and Safety Council's involvement, as well as what meetings will look like moving forward.

Looking ahead, the Student-Athlete Council will hold five meetings this semester with several presenters and guest speakers. At meetings, students will discuss current council programs across NJCAA regions, go over relevant standings in the association, bring forward any concerns or questions, and hear from leaders within the association.

"I'm looking forward to learning more about the council and attending more meetings," Williams said. "It's definitely an honor to represent our region and all of the student-athletes."

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