SelecTech graduate Hebert sets sights for Tokyo

Apr 5, 2021Melissa Trevizo

Garrett Hebert, 20, was living in South Louisiana when he learned about the Aggreko SelecTech partnership with San Jacinto College.

"The program was great — they even helped me find housing during my first semester since I moved from out of state," Hebert said.

The 12-month, 42-credit-course program combines classroom instruction with web-based learning modules and on-the-job training at Aggreko's Pearland Service Center.

"I used to help my dad work on small motors when I was younger, and I thought the Aggreko program would be a great way to turn that into a career," said Hebert. "The program is hands-on and pushed me to learn more than I would from just book work."

Led by teams at Aggreko's Pearland Learning Center in collaboration with San Jac faculty to develop students with technical competence, the SelecTech program exposes students to all aspects of field operations. Upon completion, graduates receive a certificate of technology in heavy diesel power with an opportunity to earn an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Hebert graduated from the program in August 2020 and was placed with a job as a basic technician with the company in Miami, Florida.

"I love being in Miami," said Hebert. "We have a lot of variety in our everyday jobs. We commission and decommission projects for our clients, set up emergency units during hurricanes, and work with boat shows in the area. Each day is a little different."

Hebert's dreams became super-sized when he was chosen to work on one project in Tampa, the nation's biggest football game.

"I hadn't even graduated yet when the original project was postponed due to COVID, but I got my certificate at the right time and they pulled my name," said Hebert. "I visited Tampa once for set-up and once for take down. We laid miles of cable and generators to serve the Super Bowl area."

Hebert will get another huge opportunity at the end of March, which has him registering for a passport — something he's never done before.

"I will be heading to Tokyo to set up for the largest athletic competition in the world," Hebert said. "I was totally surprised to be chosen for the team. It is more than an extraordinary opportunity for me. I've never been out of the country before."

Thanks to his training with the Aggreko SelecTech program at San Jacinto College, Hebert is able to work in his chosen field and experience larger-than-life projects like the ones in Tampa and Tokyo.

"The program is a great way to go to work and gain hands-on experience," Hebert said. "The instructors were awesome and helped us along the way with anything we needed from tools to tutoring."

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