San Jacinto College Dance hosts 2Dimension drive-in concert

Feb 1, 2021Melissa Trevizo
Dance Concert

The San Jacinto College Dance Program hosts a concert each semester to highlight the choreography of students enrolled in the dance performance class. This year, due to COVID-19, the concert was moved outdoors to feature the program's first drive-in concert, 2Dimension.

"Patrons were able to drive up, stay inside their cars, and play the sound through their car speakers, just like a regular drive-in movie," said Jamie Williams, dance program coordinator. "This was a great opportunity to get creative and showcase our student choreographers."

The original course, Dance Performance, was transformed this year to Dance and Technology. Students had to direct, choreograph, and film their assignments throughout the semester, culminating in their final projects, which were projected on screen for the drive-in audience.

"The students essentially learned all the skills they needed to create their own dance films," said Williams. "They learned improvisation and choreography, how to film movement, how to edit their footage, create their own films, and cast each other in their works."

The concert featured works by five student choreographers, including Anna-Maria Gutierrez.

"I know the circumstances weren't ideal, but I'm so glad we were able to learn the filming and editing skills this semester," said Gutierrez. "I will be able to take that with me and produce my own dance films in the future."

Though the concert was free to attend, to keep the crowd size manageable and meet with COVID restrictions, patrons were required to pre-register and fill out San Jac's COVID-19 pre-screening form before entering the campus. At the event, movie-goers were greeted by dance and theatre students to check in and directed where to park to remain socially distanced.

"Even though everyone was inside their cars, we made sure to space everyone out just in case someone needed to step outside," said Williams. "COVID-19 has made this event and the entire semester challenging, but I'm glad we were able to make it happen."

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