San Jacinto College CPD business operations offers custom corporate training

Mar 1, 2021Melissa Trevizo

The San Jacinto College Continuing and Professional Development information technology workforce development training offers courses in three areas: business operations, supply chain management, and entrepreneurship.

"We offer specialized training to students and for corporations pursuing further development of their current employees," said Sheila Wall, CPD director. "If your company has a need for training, we would love to discuss the possibility of customized courses tailored to you."

This corporate training allows companies to hand-pick courses that can be combined and customized to create unique course packages.

"We follow trends and industry and create courses where we see a need," Wall said. "We can meet with industry and develop a custom plan to fulfill their training needs."

One area that has seen a boost since the global pandemic forced almost all training online is the Ed2Go six-week online courses.

"Our Ed2Go portal offers 100% online courses in accounting, PMP project management, leadership, sales and marketing, communications, human resources, and much more," Wall said. "These courses can be taken anywhere, anytime and are flexible for most students."

Most courses in CPD business operations, supply chain management, and entrepreneurship lead to industry certifications. For spring 2021, students will find courses in accounting, banking, business, cosmetology, human resources, project management, sales/marketing, supervision, and supply chain.

To find a list of CPD business operations courses, visit

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