San Jac relaunches San Jacinto College Alumni Association

Feb 1, 2021Andrea Vasquez
SJC Alumni Association 2021

From the time the first San Jacinto College graduate walked across the commencement stage, the College has added numerous alumni to its list of graduates. To re-connect alumni with the College and increase alumni engagement and activity, San Jac is excited to re-launch of the San Jacinto College Alumni Association.

Lifetime and one-year alumni association memberships are available.

"It's important for San Jac to have an avenue where we can maintain meaningful relationships with former students," said Courtney Hunter, San Jacinto College Foundation coordinator for alumni and annual giving. "San Jac alumni have gone on to do great things in our community and beyond, such as becoming elected officials, working on equipment for the International Space Station, and serving as leaders in a variety of industries, so it's important that the College community and current students be aware of their accomplishments as well."

Hunter adds that the alumni association has a space for everyone. Whether you were a member of the College's original graduating class or one of the students who celebrated via a virtual ceremony for 2020 spring and fall commencement, all are invited to join the ever-growing community of San Jac grads. So many share similar stories, while many others have unique stories of setbacks, perseverance, and accomplishing things they never imagined. All of their experiences can impact current students who may be facing similar circumstances.

"Representation is an important aspect of showing students the heights they can reach as well as what an amazing impact education can have on their future," said Hunter. "We also want to be a resource for alumni to network with other alumni and assist with the career goals, where possible. Relaunching the alumni association allows us to improve engagement opportunities, reconnect individuals with the San Jac community, and better serve our members. We want the association to evolve and grow through the feedback and support of alumni."

With the cost of higher education steadily on the rise and the current pandemic forcing many students to put their education on hold, community colleges are one of the best economical gateways to get started on a higher education credential. A great way for alumni to make an impact is through memberships or donations to the San Jacinto College Alumni Association. Proceeds from each membership purchased or donations received support the Alumni Scholarship Fund, established by the association's founding members Dr. Charles Grant and William Palko.

Alumni also have the opportunity to give back to the programs that helped them during their time at San Jac. Whether their resource was a scholarship, an academic or technical department, the food market, or emergency funding, there is always an opportunity to pay it forward.

"We all know that educationis the key to a better quality of life," said Grant, San Jac alumnus and former president of the North Campus. "It is my dream that every College employee, every member of the College's advisory committees, and every former student of San Jacinto College would become a member of the San Jac Alumni Association. This would be a way to 'pass it forward' and help current students. Although most members of the alumni association are former students, you can still become a member if you have an interest in education or would like to help a current San Jac student by providing financial support through scholarships."

Currently, the San Jac Alumni Association is hosting a membership drive to support the Alumni Scholarship Fund with a goal of 80 new memberships by May 2021.

Visit the San Jacinto College Alumni Association page for more information on ways to join, get involved, or give to the San Jacinto College Alumni Association. Sign up for the alumni newsletter, like San Jacinto College Alumni Association on Facebook, or email Lifetime and one-year alumni association memberships are available.

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