Pathways to Careers workshops introduce health care, tech fields

May 18, 2021Courtney Morris

Three-week workshops this July target students ages 16-24 who are interested in health or tech careers

Pathways to Careers

San Jacinto College invites high school juniors and seniors and college freshmen who are on the fence about their future to participate in one of two free Pathways to Careers workshops this July.

Pathways to Careers will help students ages 16-24 who are struggling to choose a career field or wanting to transition to another field after hitting roadblocks in their studies.

The North Campus-based workshop will feature health care careers, while the Central Campus-based workshop will focus on computer technology. Each workshop will accept 15 students, with a Perkins Leadership Grant covering tuition.

"We wanted to make students better consumers before they spend money, energy, and time on their education," said Jeri Parks, Pathways to Careers project coordinator. "This gives them opportunities to learn about these pathways before they make their final decision."

Led by San Jac instructors, the workshops will start July 6 and last three weeks. The intensives will be 40 hours each week, totaling 120 hours.

The program will be in hybrid format, blending online and face-to-face learning opportunities. Students will take field trips, job shadow, interact with industry leaders, and conduct personal research.

Both workshops will lead to entry-level industry certifications for participants: Emergency Care Assistant (ECA) certification for health care and IT Fundamentals (ITF+) certification for computer technology. Following an apprenticeship model, students will also receive a $300 stipend after completing the program.

The program equips students with skill sets, not just information. Besides exploring careers, students will develop lifelong career skills like communication, self-advocacy, teamwork, and empathy. They will also learn how to manage their career.

"This is a lifelong process," Parks said. "Students don't always decide their pathway as a freshman in college. Career management is a skill they will need for the rest of their life."

San Jac will offer Pathways to Careers again in spring and summer 2022.

To learn more and apply, visit or call Parks at 281-542-2053. Applications are due by June 25.

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