College offers child care assistance for students

San Jacinto College students with children are eligible to receive free child care or be reimbursed for those costs through the new child care assistance program. This funding is granted through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

Child care assistance
Need help with child care costs? Check out this grant!

Any student who is enrolled full or part time in credit or non-credit courses at San Jac and has a child who is currently enrolled in a licensed child care facility is encouraged to apply for child care assistance.

Interested students will submit an HEERF Childcare Assistance application and receipt or class schedule from the College. Assistance provided will be calculated based on need, class schedule, and grant availability. Applicants will receive full or partial child care funding based on these factors. Students will reapply for this grant each semester.

For students using San Jac child care, the grant will be distributed directly to the provider. Those students who have their children in community care centers will be reimbursed for payments made to the provider.

"These new funds will assist the College as it continues to remove barriers that hinder students from achieving their educational and professional goals," said Michael Everett, senior project director of HEERF.

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