College brings aerospace education to local elementary and middle school students

Feb 26, 2021Andrea Vasquez

Ringing in 2021 means San Jacinto College Aerospace Education is kicking off the Pathway to the Stars after-school programs.

Beginning last spring, 20 elementary school campuses and one middle school campus across five school districts began learning and experimenting with lessons relating to NASA's Artemis and Forward to the Moon exploration programs. Lessons included Forces of Flight, Aerospace, Metallurgy, Why Space, Navigation, and Space Habitats. Houston's space industry is booming like never before.

Students are working toward understanding the need for engineers, technicians, and professional employees, seeing first-hand that these are achievable career goals that are available to them right here at home. The Apollo space program launched us to the moon for the first time, and now Artemis is the program that will take us back to the moon, including the first woman on the moon, making these students the Artemis Generation.

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