Learning, living, and staying active together

Dec 20, 2019Andrea Vasquez

Chances are at the next San Jacinto College Community Education Center's wellness event, you'll run into Juana and Bill Schliemann. The Schliemanns proudly consider themselves "regulars" at the free Continuing and Professional Development Division's events and workshops, enjoying the various topics and activities from healthy eating to gardening, and mind-body wellness.

As advocates for seniors staying active, the Schliemanns won't hesitate to educate other community members — no matter their age group — on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Being active community members is also a high priority on the Schliemanns' list. That's how they were first introduced to the College's CPD workshops and events.

"Bill and I were at the Loteria (also known as the popular "Mexican Bingo" game) event at the East Harris County Activity Center, and that's where we met Laura Martinez, CPD skills training coordinator," said Juana. "She was playing at our table and started talking to all of us about the great heathy living and wellness workshops the College's CPD division offers, and we were in!"

Not long after that, the Schliemanns were hooked. The first class they attended was a four-week-long healthy eating awareness workshop that discussed how to make healthier eating choices, reading and understanding food packaging labels, and portion control.

"We made a group trip to HEB so we could apply what we had learned with a $25 gift card given to each class participant," said Bill. "We were pretty familiar with most of the information, but we still learned a few new things. This series of classes brought us back on track with healthy eating."

The Schliemanns noted that the variety of free activities CPD's Community Education Center offers is probably the most appealing thing to senior citizens in the community.

"We have very diverse interests and curiosities, and we have enjoyed and learned from every class we have attended from health-related nutrition, diabetes information, and other mental and physical health workshops. We really enjoyed the Scrambled Legs chair exercise class, Tri Kang Tai Chi classes, financial workshops, and the gardening series. These classes were each in their own way very enjoyable and informative," said Juana.

Both Juana and Bill agree that staying active, both physically and mentally, is the key to longevity.

"Staying active will enable us to enjoy the life God has given to us on this Earth — a life that has less illnesses and better quality. We feel that more of us need to take advantage of all the opportunities available in our communities, and CPD is major provider of those opportunities. We continue to look forward to all the fun, interesting things they have coming up."

For more information on San Jacinto College CPD Community Education Center events, call 281-478-3665 or email community.engagement@sjcd.edu.