Golf Coast the latest of unique interactive art installations

Oct 31, 2019Melissa Trevizo

In September, the San Jacinto College South Gallery transformed its space into an interactive art installation inspired by Houston's bayous.

Golf Coast has brought Houston's bayou system indoors and transformed the entire gallery into a seven-hole mini-golf course.

Each hole of the course followed the shape of one of the local bayous, including White Oak, Brays, Buffalo, and more.

"The obstacles were constructed using mostly recycled and reusable materials and found objects," said Bradly Brown, art professor and gallery curator.

San Jacinto College students built the show over the summer, along with noted contributing artists Gao Hang, Iva Kinnaird, and Gregory Ruppe.

"We encouraged students, staff, and the community to fill the show with as much life as the bayous it was inspired by," said Brown. "You can paint, draw, or build something to add to the exhibit. Whether you want to create something from scratch or use one of our templates, we just hope you leave your mark and have some fun in the process."

And they are. In the first few days, the gallery saw more than 100 people visit the space, including Houston Public Media's Earnie Manouse and community members like Kim Bauman.

"I saw the event on Facebook and thought it would be fun," said Bauman. "I love to be creative, and this was the perfect opportunity. I think we'll be back before the exhibit ends."

Although Golf Coast has run its course, the San Jacinto South Gallery continues to offer unique artistic experiences for the community. The gallery features "John Bavaro: Brain Tree," an exhibit featuring digitally created artworks using the artist's MRI brain scans and running until Nov. 8.

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